Heavens Pit

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!!moshing our way to heaven!!


                         Now proud to be a part of What's new worship!

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What is heavens pit?

Heaven's Pit is a non-profit, Christian organization that sets up local music concerts in the northern Virginia area. Our main venue is Agape Christian Church's youth room, but we hope to go to other places eventually. The style of music we focus on is Metal, but we will have Acoustic, Rap, and Rock groups as well. We are a team of leaders from all differant areas and each with a differant story.we all share the same passion for Christ and leading the youth in a new direction through our Father God. If your not a Christian, come. We will not shove you toward our beliefs or look down on you for any reason.  If your not into Metal, come. We will feature Metal/Hardcore music but we will have a variety of other artists. If you need to talk just ask any of the leaders, thats why we are here. to check out more of our team you can visit "our staff" page.You can also send a prayer request throught the contact us page or directly to Suzi through the "our staff" page. Have a look around the new site and we hope to see you at our next show!!!!